Friday, February 14, 2003

Advertising - Kamasutra

Kamasutra - the leading condom manufacturer in India ( exclusing the government distributed Nirodh) has been a kind of bold experimentor in Indian advertising. The ads sarted showing people having Sex and a lot of stuff was not correct for young children. But anyway it was direct and was also mostly right on what it wanted people to do - go and buy.

But lately the company has strated making the ads very subtle and have taken a different kind of line.


  • A man and women sit in a restautant - and the womesn thighs are shown generously which the man is watching and the waiter is opening a bottle with a cork and the man starts getting ideas.

  • A second ad is based in the hospital where a man is on the bed and he is looking at a nurse who is repeatedly putting a pen inside its cap and removing it and the man is getting his ideas again.

  • Now the reason for me explaining these ads are that this is effecting childern more so. My wife teaches in a high school and she was explaining the other day about an incident in VIII standard where a child was imitating the second ad described above in the classroom. The child beside him was not comfortable and complained to the teacher. the teacher when faced with the confronting the child could not answer to him when he said what is that I am doing wrong, can you explain?

    This is tough to handle for the teacher and questions the ads. Is this the right kind of advertising. This kind of incidents are totally not expected and not wanted but should'nt we follow some kind of standards!!


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