Friday, February 07, 2003

Google + Blog = Personal Knowledge Management System

Rajesh Jain on his blog has written a fantastic piece on the means of maintaining a Personal KNowledge management system. He provides a combination of Google (search needs), Blog (tertiary memory), and the other Digital Dashboard components (RSS Aggregator, outlines, directories and filters).

Also he talks about the the private blog

What I would like is a private blog, which becomes a superset of the public blog and a part which I only keep to myself. This way, I can post all my notes, meeting summaries, etc. on this blog, knowing fully well that I can find them again (and get the context). Searching paper notes can be quite hard -- they become like a black hole, difficult to get anything out of them. So, now, I am using my notebook (the paper one) for doodling and thinking. When I am somewhat ready, I post on my blog (like I am doing now).

And then the assimilation of the this information knowledge will hopefullly lead to new innovations and higher productivity.


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