Sunday, February 09, 2003

A Week in BlogWorld

It's been just over a week since I have strarted writing my Blog. I read a lot of stuff everyday through the Net, Papers and magazines. I have always wanted a way to manage the stuff the read, go back to them whenever I can and also able to let others see that. A web page was a good alternative - and I have even tried making one- but that was not easy for me. And then I got a chance to look at blogging. This was made for me. it contained everything which I wanted and thanks to sites like Blogger and BlogSpot i am able to Blog for free.

So what has been my experience in the past week.

  • I have started experiencing a new kind of Joy for the first time after many years

  • The ability to write about the various issues and subjects which I have read is very exciting and in the process I believe I will learn a lot about myself

  • I have strated learning HTMl - to make these bullets, titles etc

  • I have strated thinking about the various aspects of my life which are important and the way to achieve them

  • I have started to read other Blog's like Rajesh Jains' and in turn a lot of other people where I am able to read opinionated stuff rather than the massaged politicized news you get to read in magazines and papers

I will continue to post and develop myself and in the future will develop a better site using may be Blogger Pro,
Radio or a new software which is going to come called Text Pattern.

And thanks to UT Austin the for the HTML I have learned.


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