Sunday, June 06, 2004

Company Parties

We used to have a lot of company parties at my previous employer, ADP Wilco. It was a young crowd which was ready to enjoy and dance and drink into the wee hours of the night. [The company was good enough to understand the needs of the female members and provided company cars which would leave the ladies home at the end of the party. This obviously had a direct impact on the party, we had more variety!]The organization understood the importance of parties because we used to have a lot of them, mostly at expensive restaurants accompanied with some good Disco Jockeys helping providing the "beat" for out steps. Not that it was needed, we would have anyway danced!

The parties providing us with a opportunity to meet and talk to our colleagues in an atomosphere which was more open and inviting than a office setting. This increased the comradrie among us and made us into one strong team. This has a direct effort on performance. Ultimately working in a organization is working with people. Working together. Winning and losing together. It helps if you know these people better.

We had a similar party and I had a hell of a time. Due to my job profile here I do not interact with the software development team. This was my great chance to be with these people, dance and drink with them and have fun. It was a good bonding exercise.

Partying is one of the best team building exercises! So what are you waiting for, lets party.


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