Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Natural Enterprise - Chapter List

Natural Enterprise (chapters in the upcoming book of the same name)

The Elevator Pitch (Chapter 1, July, 2004) the business case for Natural Enterprise, and how it differs from traditional business

How the New Economy Works (Chapter 2, August, 2004) a primer on an economy in transition, and what it means to the entrepreneur

Existential Enterprise (Chapter 3, June, 2004) ten steps to creating a Natural Enterprise

Assembling the Team (Chapter 4, June, 2004) finding people you'd love to work with, with all the skills you need but without overlap

Improvisational Planning (Chapter 5, July, 2004) exploiting the agility of Natural Enterprise to plan to succeed on your own terms

Viral Marketing (Chapter 6, May, 2004) spreading the word about your product or service by customer word-of-mouth

Financing Your Business Organically (Chapter 8, July, 2004) how to need less money, and to generate what you need internally

Avoiding the Landmines in Entrepreneurial Business (Chapter 12, May, 2004) the 10 fatal errors of entrepreneurs and how to avoid them

Business Innovation (Chapters 15-17, April, 2004) history, importance, and process for business innovation


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