Sunday, October 03, 2004

Before applying, check out the blogs

"Job seekers use blogs to establish a strong online presence, display their skills and advertise their availability. For many just out of college, the blog is an essential networking tool because it is common for bloggers to link back and forth to others with recent posts. Corporate recruiters, in turn, use blogs to draw in qualified candidates, and they search for potential hires by reading bloggers who write about topics relevant to a particular industry.

A driving factor behind job market blogging is the search engine Google, said Elizabeth Lawley, associate professor of information technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. 'If you are thinking of interviewing someone, it's almost standard now to Google them online and see what you find,' Lawley said. 'If that person has a blog, it's usually the first thing that comes up.'"

So all of your MBAs out there, this is your big opportunity. Yes, some blogs have come up, written by MBAs chronicling their course details but not really serious networkers.

Again, as Networking goes, blogging basically makes it easier to have a online presence, but there is still a need to follow the basics of networking and understanding the Rule of Win-Win by Dave Winer.

The Rule of Win-Win says that by choosing to participate in the Web, I can promote my own interests, but I must acknowledge the existence of others and their interests. I don't sacrifice the truth in furthering my cause. In fact, if you accept the Rule of Win-Win, the truth is your first cause, it comes before all others.


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