Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Change this! is a new idea by Seth Godin. He aims to spread good ideas around using many of the techniques which he has pioneered in books like Permission Marketing, Unleashing the Idea Virus, Survival is Not Enough and Purple Cow.

The ideas are created in a format which he calls a manifesto. They are designed very well and spread as a PDF document.

I would like to point to two manifestos I received in my InBox.

The answer is Bio-Diesel :

Michael Briggs | Trade in your Prius and buy a VW! What's better than hybrids and better than fuel cells? According to UNH researcher Michael Briggs, the answer is Biodiesel. Read his manifesto to find out why biodiesel is cheaper and more environmentally-friendly to produce, ready for large-scale production, and usable in existing automobiles. The results may surprise you.


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