Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Self-Serving Social Networks

I have been working on this discussion on the Deeshaa networks on how to get the network started and what is that we should be working on.

The main important thing which I have started to realise is that these networks should mean "something" to people and also that we should be able to translate that into actions.

Stephen Downes points to George Siemens blog about where he writes about Self-serving social networks.

Downes says :

The prevailing theory is that people will share because they want to contribute to the public good. This is true in some cases, but for many others, the use of a social network must satisfy some personal good. The item then reviews a few properties of successful social networks to make the point. There's something to this, though I would have worded it differently: social networks have to serve some useful purpose to the user.