Friday, May 21, 2004

Five Years from Now

Seth Godin looks into the future and this is what he sees...

Assume that:

Hard drive space is free

Wifi like connections are everywhere

Connections speeds are 10 to 100 times faster

Everyone has a digital camera

Everyone carries a device that is sort of like a laptop, but cheap and tiny

The number of new products introduced every day is five times greater than now

Wal-Mart's sales are three times as big

Any manufactured product that's more than five years old in design sells at commodity pricing

The retirement age will be five years higher than it is now

Your current profession will either be gone or totally different

What then?

We will all have network computers broadbanded to the Internet and the GoogleOS or a similar thing. We will be always-on and will have the ability to reach anybody anywhere. If you combine Laptops and Wifi, mostly in the developed countries then you can be anywhere and connnect to anybody.

This brings up a huge amount of possibilities which are not happenning now. More importantly this will bring in a cultural revolution.

Can I work from home? If so, how will the company policies change. Will I be allowed. Who will be and who cannot be. Will the sales man need to come to office. Can he be online on Wifi with VoIP and can connect and talk and work from everywhere. If this is possible and is required then what are the demands on the companies. How will the managers manage?

technology is bringing in the possibilities of change, but to make these reality we need to make a cultural and social change. Soft changes need to follow hard changes!


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