Friday, May 21, 2004

Jut Do It

The Nike tagline of Just do It is a powerful idea. The reason Nike's brand is so famous because "Just Do it" is a concept which is dear to a lot of people mainly because we cannot do it.

This is the interesting part. Anita Campbell quotes an idea which is useful to all but definitely to Entrepreneurs.

"What I like about this story, is that I could have given up at any point since there was a large problem ahead of me: a problem I had no answers to. And I see this with many free software developers, students and even in normal social situations: people stop doing things because they see a big problem ahead of them that they can not possibly conceive working around. My advise to every young programmer is to start writing code and delay addressing imaginary problems until they become real. There's a lesson that for folks in lots of areas, not just software development. Even life in general."

Most of the times we just need to start doing it. Starting is the most important thing. Dealing with uncertainity is also related to starting.

So Just Do It


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